Gmail - Students

Accessing Gmail

Option 1: Clever

Open Google Chrome and log into Clever using your LPSS Google account. From the Clever home page, click the Gmail icon.

Option 2: Apps Waffle

You can also access Gmail from the Apps waffle that is visible in the top right corner of the screen when you are in any Google App.

Option 3: Web Address

Type in the address bar.

Left Side Navigation:

Gmail doesn’t have “folders”.  It has “labels” that serve the same purpose.  You can see there are  a few labels already there, including:

  • Starred - Starred will be messages that you “star”, or mark off using the star button to the left of email messages.

  • Important - Important messages are automatically tagged by Gmail.  It learns who you contact most and labels messages from those contacts as important for you!

You also have a label for Sent Mail and Drafts.  Click More to access All Mail (literally everything), Spam, Trash, etc.

Labels are 100% customizable.  You can create as many labels (folders) as you need.  To access mail that has been labeled, simply click on the label from the list on the left.

Starring Messages

You can “star” a message from the inbox or within the message itself.  Simply click on the star next to the subject line in your Inbox or next to the reply arrow within the message.  All starred messages can be accessed by clicking on the Starred label from the navigation on the left.

Important Mail

Google predicts which email messages are the most important to you based on who emails you and who you email most frequently.  Refine the Important list by marking/unmarking mail as important.  Simply click the arrow that appears to the left of an email message.  If it’s already yellow, it’s marked as important.  If the arrow is not colored, that means it is not marked as important. 

Reading Messages

To open an email message, simply click on the message from your Inbox.

Above the email, you see a toolbar:

  • The arrow that points left brings you back to your inbox.  

  • The folder icon with the down arrow archives the message.

  • The octagon with exclamation icon marks the message as spam.

  • The trash can deletes the message.

  • The envelope icon marks the message as unread.

  • The clock icon will “snooze” the message.

  • The folder icon with the right arrow allows you to label the message and take it out of your inbox (archive it).

  • The block arrow icon allows you to label the message while leaving it in your inbox.  You can also apply multiple labels using this icon.

  • The three vertical dots button gives you MORE options!

To navigate to the next message, use the navigation arrows that appear on the top right of the message toolbar.

Replying and Forwarding Options

To reply to the sender, click the arrow that curves to the left.  To forward the message to another person, click on the arrow that goes to the right.

To reply all or forward, click the polka dots next to the left-curved arrow.  Options available here include:

  • Reply All 

  • Forward

  • Print

  • Report spam

  • Translate message

  • Mark as unread

Composing Email Messages:

Click the Compose button from the left navigation.  A message window will appear from the bottom, right corner of your screen.  If you’d like to make the message bigger, click the diagonal line in the black message field.  You can also minimize and close the message from the same area.



You can access the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields on the first line of the message.  

  • To - who will be receiving the message. As you type someone’s name, Google will automatically search for people who you’ve corresponded with and our LPSS directory. You can send a message to multiple people or groups.

  • CC - Use this to “copy” someone on an email.

  • BCC - This is “Blind Carbon Copy” meaning that the person in the “To” field will not see the person in the “BCC” field.

The second line is for your subject. You definitely need a subject! Keep is short!

The large blank area is where you type your message.

At the bottom of the message you have a toolbar:

  • The A icon will allow you to format text.

  • The paper clip icon allows you to attach files to the email.

  • The horizontal link icon allows you to add hyperlinks in the message.

  • The smiley face icon gives you access to Gmail’s emojis.

  • The Google Drive triangular icon allows you to attach a file that is in your Google Drive.

  • The picture/mountain icon allows you to insert images into the message.

  • The trashcan deletes the message.

As you type, Gmail automatically begins saving your work and marks it as a draft.  You can close the message and access it without sending.  Simply click on the Drafts label from the left side navigation to access the message.  

When you’re ready to send, click the blue Send button! 

Schedule Send

This new feature allows you to compose an email message ahead of time and then select a specific date/time for the message to be sent!

  • Next to the Send button, click the up arrow.

  • Click Schedule send.

  • Select the date/time option for the message.

  • The message will then be stored in the “Scheduled” label on the left side of your screen. You can edit as needed up until the message is sent!

Quick Settings

To access Settings, click the Gear icon in the top, right corner of the screen and select Settings.  


  • Default - The default density will show any attachments an email may have without having to open the message.

  • Comfortable - This density takes up less space than the default, but attachments will not show unless the email message is opened.

  • Compact - The tightest density setting. You will be able to see more messages with this setting, but attachments will not show unless the email message is opened.


If you would like to select a color/picture theme, click View All!

Inbox Type

  • Default - You can customize the default inbox. By default, email messages are listed newest to oldest.

  • Important first - This pulls any messages that have been marked (by you or Google) as important to the top of your inbox.

  • Unread first - Any email that has not been opened (regardless of date) will be pulled to the top of your inbox. 

  • Starred first - Any starred messages will appear above all other messages in your inbox.

  • Priority Inbox - this option gives you the most flexibility. You can select up to 4 sections in your inbox. Each section can be defined by Gmail’s defaults or any of the Labels you’ve created.

Reading Pane

If you would like to have a reading pane (you can see an open email message and your inbox at the same time), you can select either on the right or bottom.

Email Threading

Conversation view, by default, is on. This means that email messages that have multiple responses are shown in chronological order - oldest to newest. This is different from other email inboxes. If you don’t like it, uncheck this box.

General Settings

To access Settings, click the Gear icon in the top, right corner of the screen and select Settings.  You’re welcome to have fun with all settings.  We’re going to cover the most important ones!

Default text style:

  • Fonts - Fonts are limited.  But you can select a font by clicking on the Sans Serif drop down.  

  • Text size - Click on the little/big T drop down to select a size.

  • Text color - Click on the A to select a color.

  • Remove formatting - Click the Tx to go back to Gmail’s default text style.

A preview of your selections will display below the formatting toolbar.




To manage your labels, click the Gear icon in the top, right corner of the screen and then See all settings.  Click on the Labels tab.  You can also get here by clicking More and Manage labels from the left side navigation.

Next to the default labels, select Show or Hide as needed.  The option that is shown in black is the option that has been selected.

Creating Labels:

1. From the Labels tab in Settings, click Create new label at the bottom of the screen OR click More and Create label from the left side navigation.

2. Enter a name for the label.

3. Click Create.

4. Select options for the label:

a. Show/Hide/Show if unread in the label list

b. Show/Hide in the message list

5. Repeat for all needed labels.

Labels will appear in alphabetical order in the left side navigation.  

Label Colors:

  1. On the right side of a label, click the polka dots.

  2. Hover over Label color and a pop up will appear with the available colors.

  3. Select the color you’d like.  You can also create a custom color or remove the color in this area.

Labeling Mail:

  1. Check off the message in the inbox.  If you are in a message, move to step 2.

  2. Click the label or folder icon.

    1. The label icon will leave the message in your inbox with the label(s) you selected.

    2. The folder icon will label the message with the selected label(s) and archive the message (take it out of your inbox). The message will be visible when you click the label from the left side of your inbox. NOTE:  You can only select 1 label/location here.  If a message needs multiple labels, use the label icon first.  Then use the folder icon to archive the message in one folder/label.

  3. Check off all the labels needed for this message (a message can have multiple labels).

  4. Click Apply.